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CPR Guardian Smartwatch

CPR Guardian is a comfortable watch with soft straps that has additional features such as 2 way communication, an emergency assist button, heart rate monitoring and GPS location tracking.

The Guardian uses the most up-to-date SIM (CPR Chameleon) which will jump to the the strongest network, giving you confidence that you never lose signal. 


Wearable SOS Device



Sales Channels

Loved ones can connect with the watch via the CPR App (iOS & Android), where you can call the watch, locate the wearer via GPS and also monitor their heart rate. Giving piece of mind that the wearer can be contacted and located at all times.

The CPR Guardian provides the next level of protection in an emergency.


The GUARDIAN II is a GPS tracker that provides you and your loved ones with peace of mind and reassurance knowing you can always be there for them whenever they need you.

Our Chameleon SIM provides the highest level of mobile coverage, by accessing all EU mobile networks, to find the strongest signal making sure that this personal emergency alert system can support dementia sufferers from day one. 

"My husband has vascular dementia. He has in the last months started to go out and walk away from our home. I bought a CPR Guardian watch to help find him. On each occasion it has been invaluable in locating him.'

My husband wandered from the house last week. The police contacted CPR Guardian ll and they were able to help by boosting the tracker which then provided information that my husband was some 15 miles away in Liverpool. The police found him in about 10 minutes and in 20 minutes they returned him home. So I, the family and the police are very grateful for the tracking watch and the help provided by CPR Guardian Il.m

Mrs. Whitfield

CPR Guardian Customer


Powerful Features

SOS Phone with two-way calls

SOS button allows the wearer to call to a relative, carer or telecare service, just like a mobile phone.

GPS Tracker with Location Alerts

Personal GPS location tracker with alerts when the wearer leaves a certain location or area.

Heart Rate Monitor & Health Alerts

Monitor the wearer’s heart rate remotely and receive low heart rate alerts.

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