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about CPR Global

We create products that provide consumers with well-designed solutions that are manufactured to the highest possible standards, innovating for everyday life.

We are growing our company in a way that reflects our values and connects our business decisions to community needs.We develop our products in close relationship with protective agencies and businesses worldwide.

Providing simple, low cost and effective life-enhancing solutions is what CPR Global Technology is all about.

Our call blocking technology was born out of a needed solution to block Personal Harassment Calls, so the CPR Call Blocker came to life in 2010.

With over 1 million customers and over 1 billion robocalls worldwide, we set the benchmark for robust call blocking solutions, putting consumers and businesses back in control of their privacy.

The CPR Call Blocker is born
CPR wins the Amazon Growing Business Award
CPR wins the Queen's Award
Our CEO wins the Barclays Entrepreneur Award
CPR win the Welsh Business Awards
CPR wins an American Business Award

Andrew Sandbrook


Andrew is the managing director & founder of CPR Global Technology. He established the company back in 2010. He actively engages his team in day to day business running ensuring the highest possible standard.

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Chrissy Sandbrook


Chrissy, our Chief Financial Officer, manages the finance department. Chrissy works closely with Andrew, Matthew and Daniel to ensure that CPR Global Technology’ accounts and finances are optimized and on-track to perform.

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Matthew Roblin


Matthew, our Chief Technology Officer, is responsible for product development. A founding member of CPR Global Technology. Matthew also works closely with Andrew in looking for new and innovative ways to propel the company forward.

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Chelsea Davies

Head of Sales & Marketing

Chelsea is responsible for expanding the CPR brand in the global markets through marketing materials and expanding B2B sales channels.

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Roderick Down

Head of e-Commerce

Responsible for all online sales channels including Amazon, eBay and our own e-Commerce websites. Roderick also manages our technical support team which covers Europe, America and Australia

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Keith Robertson

Head of Fulfilment

Keith manages the fulfilment of our products through multiple eCommerce platforms. Keith works closely with local and international shipping services to ensure product is delivered on time and in a professional manor.

Ryan Hare

Head EELO Brand Manager

Ryan is in charge of managing and developing the EELO brand globally, as well as establishing and strengthening relationships with our partners.

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Cassie Barfoot

Head of Telesales & Admin

Cassie manages the telesales and the admin staff. Cassie controls the data for the sales staff. She is consistently motivating staff whilst ensuring they are delivering high quality calls by being polite friendly and helpful to all customers.

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Jody Knight

International Business Exec.



The role our partners play is crucial for us and we are dedicated to helping you succeed. Whether you are a retailer, wholesale, care agency, cloud solution provider or any other kind of business, we have the experience to make it work.

How we can help boost your business:

  • Top products covering any testing your clients might need.
  • A vast amount of references and support to build upon.
  • Flexible made-to-measure changes and development of anything you may need to succeed.
  • Possible to use a white-label solution.
  • Case studies, validation studies and all the arguments you need to convince your clients.
  • A fair share of the profit for both parties.

And of course, the cooperation goes both ways – we might be interested in offering your services to our clients.

Let us help you bring your ideas to life.

What does your idea look like? The product development stage is where the skill and experience of our team are used to generate solutions that meet the client’s needs. We collaborate closely with the client to build on their insight and understand their challenges. Approaches include:

• Generation of key functionalities

• Generation of key specifications

• Prototyping

All elements are linked, one way or another, with the concept of connected care.

our partners

strategic partners

We work with dozens of care organizations such as the FCC Robocall Strike Force, Verizon, US Telecom – AT&T & the Arizona Attorney Generals Office.

US Telecom Assossication

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At your service since 2010 with robust technology, carrying the future

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